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The choice of an editor for your manuscript is extremely important. You've put a lot of time and effort into your work, and you need someone who will share your vision and help you polish your writing. Whether you've written an article, website content, a nonfiction book, or a novel, I've been where you are today. I have written and edited for almost every avenue of writing there is. My specialty is novels, but I've also edited many religious books, a true-life crime exposure, a huge variety of nonfiction books and articles, and even two cookbooks. Below, you can read reviews from a few of my clients.​​

My edits are combination of content and line editing, meaning I help you get the overall structure/plot of the book developed well, while also improving your sentences and overall writing (versus just checking for grammar, spelling, and so forth). Click here to see sample pages of my edits.

I don't have a set fee. After a decade and a half, I know all manuscripts are not equal and do not take equal time. I won't overcharge you for a manuscript that needs minimal work, nor will I rush through one that needs major work. I want you to have the best end result possible. Therefore, I must see the manuscript in order to evaluate it and set my fee.

Although no one can guarantee the success of any book, I will do my best to help you elevate your writing into a work you will be proud to present to the world. When possible, if I know of a publisher looking for a book like yours, I'll put a bug in their ear to see if they'll look at your finished product.

While editing, I will put your manuscript into proper format for submission to publishers. I do not format manuscripts for self-publishing. You will need a designer for that.

If you have to ask how much "heat" I'm willing to edit, I am not the editor for you. You can keep your body parts in your pants, thank you. I also do not edit horror, and although I can edit fantasy, I'm not your best choice for that genre.

I have very limited slots available, so not every manuscript sent is accepted for editing.

If you think I may be the right editor for you,                           and we'll talk about your project.  

Attention publishers: I am also listed with Creative Enterprises (aka Books, Bach & Beyond, Inc.) and Edit Resource if you prefer to work through them.

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View  sample edits here.

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Without Michelle Buckman, I can honestly say that I would not have a publishing contract. Her enthusiasm for my work encouraged me to make use of her contacts in the Catholic publishing world and get a book deal signed. Because she clearly explained all of her edits to my manuscript, Michelle has also helped me to become a better writer, and her no-nonsense way of calming my nerves has built my confidence. She was a true pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!

Christina Chase
Author of It's Good to Be Here
​​Writing my first novel was more fun than I could have imagined, and then came the work of getting it from first draft to a book ready for publishing. I was fortunate to happen upon Michelle Buckman and I remain indebted to her not only providing her incredibly valuable editing services but also for being such an encouraging mentor. Her developmental editing was delivered in a thoughtful, patient, and encouraging way as she helped to enlighten and educate a new writer. If you are looking for an editor that knows what she is doing and is focused on pulling for your success as a writer, I would highly recommend Michelle, both as an editor and a person. 

Jim Sano
Author of The Father's Son
Michelle Buckman is an excellent content editor and writer’s coach. Being an author herself, she knows how to restructure and make perfect sentences, paragraphs, pages, and entire chapters without losing the author’s voice. This skill was very important to me as many editors know the mechanics of writing, but they often change the voice without knowing, which creates choppiness in the writing. The author often comes away with the feeling that the writing no longer even resembles their work. Michelle’s skill can make a story flow ten- to one-hundred times better without changing the passion or voice of the author. She simplifies, organizes, teaches, and enhances the writing in ways that present your work in the most enjoyable way from the perspective of the reader.
Thomas E.
Author of Penury City: Light of Gabriel
I simply can't express how grateful I am to Jesus and Mary for leading me to you. Writing the book is one thing but having a skilled editor is worth gold. 

Donald H. Calloway, MIC
Author of Champions of the Rosary
Michelle Buckman edited my up-and-coming Eucharistic prayer journal. She was so helpful with all of the little technical details—the things that drive me crazy—and she caught some great typos, the ones you just know you’d never commit!  I would definitely give her the name Eagle Eye. She corrected my writing to match the writing style most publishers use and she refreshed my memory of when and where to use ellipses, hyphens, and en and em dashes. Michelle also made suggestions to help my book become better and helped me to remain consistent throughout.

Cynthia Brewer
Author of Down in Adoration Falling
Michelle Buckman is a wonderful editor.  She makes great suggestions for plot and characterization.  She has a keen eye for reader level.  She’s honest and also affirming.  Plus she goes beyond editing and works to help you get published.  She genuinely cares about her writers and wants them to be successful. Five stars for Michelle.

Gerilyn Herold
Author of Botch
Michelle, I just wanted to thank you again for doing such an amazing job on my edits for the Bible study book. I am so grateful. You've given me confidence and hope.

Dawn Rusinko OFS, CLEM